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Cartek Electronics Battery isolator Kit

The Cartek Sold State Battery Isolator is an electronic ‘master/kill switch’ system designed specifically for race car applications. This system contains no moving parts and the sold construction provides very high resistance to shock, vibration, water and dirt. Using the latest MOSFET technology, this isolator provides safe, spark free isolation of the vehicle’s battery and engine electrics in accordance with FIA safety regulations.



  • Please read the instructions thoroughly before Installing on your race car. If not installed correctly then damage may occur to the battery isolator
  • The Battery Isolator MUST be fully connected before starting the engine. If the ‘ENGINE STOP’ signal wire is not properly connected when the engine is running then damage to the battery isolator may occur (this does no apply to cars without alternators)
  • Do not use the Cartek internal ON/OFF pushbutton switch for any other application, it is designed specifically for use with Cartek battery isolators only.
  • The battery isolator must be removed if any electric welding s being carried out on the car.


When using a battery charger or an external starter/booster battery then it is important to connect both terminals directly to the car battery. DO NOT CONNECT THE NEGATIVE LEAD OF THE CHARGER OR EXTERNAL BATTERY TO THE CHASSIS. THIS MAY CAUSE DAMAGE TO THE BATTERY ISOLATOR


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